What does “Amor” mean?

I  chose “Amor” because of the “love” and passion I have for my photography. When people look at my photos, I want them to really enjoy seeing them.

I also want my audience to love what I do as well.
It’s a great feeling when I am going through the pictures with a customer and they just get really excited about what they see and what I have done for them.
Knowing that someone will look at a photo I have taken and really appreciate it is what I really strive for.

I wouldn’t sell a customer anything that I wouldn’t put up on my wall or show my friends. I want everyone to be proud of his or her purchases.

About the Photographer


I have always had a love for arts of every kind.
Every child loves to be praised for doing something well, and this was one of those things for me. As a young child, I was always asked to take pictures on family trips.

I am a very family oriented person. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the love and support from each and every family member. Not only are they family, they’re my most loyal customers. My son gives me reason to wake up in the morning and motivation to make the best of every day.

Being able to capture a moment of life, and show others how I see the world is one of the greatest things in my life.

Being able to communicate visually and to show others that there is beauty in the simplicity of life is indescribable.